Aircraft Hangers


Warehouse structures specialize is aeroplane hangers, our column-free interiors allow customers the flexibility to customize their Aircraft Steel Buildings for storage and repair of helicopters and aeroplanes.

Affordable Steel Designed Aircraft Hangars

One of our specialities is the design and construction of column-free aircraft hangars. Our steel buildings for the storage of helicopters and aircraft of all sizes gives you all of the benefits that come from using steel and a safe place to park your aircraft when not in use.

Our prefabricated steel aircraft hangars are ideal for Gauteng based airfields, as our services are primarily focused on the towns and areas in and around the province. When you own an aircraft, or should it be a necessary asset for your company, you will be more than willing to have the right kind of protection set up to keep your valuable asset safe, both from the elements and from potential robbers.

No one with an aircraft should risk unreliable storage, especially when you have the option of working with our team of steel aircraft hangar specialists. And there is no doubt that the steel hangar is the best option available. This is a long-lasting, great economic option that you will never regret investing in. Our hangars are ideal for airfields looking for a number of hangars set up for client use as well as for private aircraft owners.

Each of our structures is designed using the highest quality commercial grade steel. This means that you get to enjoy all of the popular benefits associated with steel structures. Some of these benefits include safety from corrosion, fire and pests, easy to repair, the steel can be repurposed, high durability and environmentally friendly properties.

Our steel aircraft hangars are built according to the industry safety and building standards which guarantees that you get the very best product.

Going beyond Aircraft Buildings

We pride ourselves in manufacturing the very best steel structures in the industry. But we understand that sometimes our clients are looking for more than just the structure. So, we have included a number of convenient trades that will simplify the process and leave you with a complete aircraft hangar.

While you might not be looking for drywalling in your hangar, having a stable foundation, designed to suit weight requirements is of vital importance especially if you are going to be storing aircraft of different weights.

The steel aircraft hangars that we build include a 100% clear wingspan design, which makes the hangar versatile when it comes to storing different types of aircraft. Without needing beams and the more traditional types of support, our aircraft buildings rely on the use of an industry standard arch support, which keeps the building safely upright. Our design is set up in such a way that you will have plenty of space to store aircraft as well as enough additional storage for other aircraft related needs.

Customised Aircraft Hangars

Each one of our hangars is easy to construct and they are easily customised to suit your needs. This means that you can buy a structure that is suitable for aircraft of all wingspans. To make your hangar further suitable to your needs, you can add any one of our other services to the construction process.

You can count on us to set you up with the perfect structure that will protect your aircraft for years to come.

Why Choose Steel?

Flexibility, durability and high-quality are the three big benefits that you can enjoy when you have one of our steel hangars. Steel remains one of the best materials with which to build various types of steel structures.

We are a professional highly dedicated team of manufacturers and builders. After 20 years working in the industry, we know how to provide the best structure to perfectly suit all of your needs, no matter how specific and unique they might be.