Outdoor learning facilities provide the supreme permanent solution for schools and sporting facilities, that students can appreciate all year round regardless of weather conditions.

Contrastingly to shade sails and fabric covers, our steel structures offer a 100% protection from harmful UV rays, allowing for superior air flow and safe, dry space in wet weather conditions.

We understand the importance of speaking your language, being onsite and having the needs of your students and school at the forefront of the project.

Using Steel Buildings for Educational Purposes

Steel construction has changed the way that various building projects can be completed, including the building of schools and other educational facilities. At Warehouse Structures, we are the leading, affordable manufacturers and suppliers of steel structures in South Africa. Our products are manufactured using the best steel on the market, leaving you with a highly durable structure. Best Prices.

We have over 20 years of experience with constructing steel buildings for agricultural use as well as industrial and commercial use. We are also the experts in building aircraft hangars. Our expertise is second to none. We are a passionate team and with our approach, we always work with our clients to ensure that you get the structure you need. We offer a host of design options along with the option of going the custom route. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them. Along with a custom design, we are also very flexible in terms of prices. Fitting your budget is something that we strive to do.

Steel is undeniably one of the best building materials on the market and once you learn about the strength and durability of the steel, you will never consider another type of material. Using steel for educational facilities might seem like the last material suitable for the job, but actually, its versatility is one of the many reasons why steel is so perfectly suitable.

Along with building all types of steel buildings, we also have a number of other services that perfectly complement the structure. Drywalling, foundation installation, electrical fitting, and bricklaying are all ideal for use in educational buildings manufactured from steel.

Affordability Meets Usability

Most educational facilities are built from brick. It’s a time-consuming process, whether you are building an entirely new school or adding to an existing facility. Apart from the process of taking plenty of time, it is also quite a costly process. Trimming costs are the way to go, and when building steel structures, you can save money even if you are opting for a custom design. Plenty of schools are faced with constrained budgets. And even though the classrooms are overflowing, the options are limited.

Steel buildings can present you with more options than the traditional structures have to offer. These buildings are designed to provide you with optimal efficiency. They are strong and exceptionally durable, while they also don’t require much maintenance.

The Advantages of Steel Buildings

There are so many reasons why steel buildings are so advantageous and why you should be considering steel as your material of choice. Some of the advantages you can look forward to include:

  • Fire safety

A big concern about most building projects has to do with safety. When you are constructing a building for students, you will be wanting to pay particularly close attention to safety. Steel doesn’t burn, making it the ideal material for these types of buildings.

  • Strength

Steel, when compared with all other types of building materials, comes out on top in terms of strength. Pests, bad weather, rust and mildew have no effect on the steel. While you can expect a few bumps and scratches, it’s never enough to cause damage to the structural integrity of the building.

  • Unique designs

Steel buildings will always be popular for having design flexibility. Regardless of the space, you have available for us to work with, we will come up with the perfect design to fill it. From the most simple of classrooms to gyms and shelter for sports facilities, with our designs, you will get exactly what you need.

  • Faster construction

When you have no time to waste and you need your structure up as soon as possible, steel is the way to go. Your structure will be up faster than if you had chosen the brick option. The structure can be prefabricated at a different location and then transported to where it is needed. From here the setup is quick and the installation seamless. This factor also means that you can save more money.

Warehouse Structures is leading the way forward when it comes to building all kinds of reliable steel structures at low prices. We work closely with our clients and the professionalism and integrity of our projects speak for themselves. Contact us today and one of our consultants will be in touch.